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Welcome to EMBA

The Edinburgh & Midlothian Beekeepers' Association is one of the oldest Beekeeping Associations in Scotland, dating back to 1894.

Here are the Winning Images from our 2020 Photo Competition.

For information on our society and its story, please visit our History pages.

Read more about Bees or Beekeeping, and how to Join EMBA

Having a problem with bees? We can help with honey bees, but cannot help with bumble bees or wasps. If you are not sure what insect you are dealing with, try using our Beedentify tool to work it out.

If you have confirmed you have a swarm of bees, and would like to report it, visit our Swarms page.

For more information on Bumble Bees, please visit the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

For general information about bees and wasps, please see our Bees and Wasps page.

For any other questions about honey bees and beekeeping, please Contact Us.

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